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100 Percent Pro Series Thermo 9MM

Maxxmuscle 100
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A synergistic combination of proven fat burners and CNS stimulants allow your body to mobilise and break down stubborn body fat, in addition to controlling appetite and suppressing harmful cravings. Thermo 9MM is manufactured using HALAL Certified Gelatine capsules.

Who’s it for: Any athlete or regular gym-goer looking to rapidly burn bodyfat can benefit from supplementing Terhmo 9mm into their nutritional regime.

Expected Results: 1-2 capsules per day, when combined with a planned calorie deficit, should be able to further enhance fat loss efforts.

Key Ingredients: Theacrine provides clean energy while simultaneously helping to blunt harmful cravings and lower appetite, assisting dietary efforts.

Weight/Servings: 60 capsules | 1-2 capsules daily.