Creamax HCL
Creamax HCL

Creamax HCL

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(Available in unflavoured or strawberry kiwi)


80 servings

5g scoop per serving 

3500mg D-Ribose

1500mg Creatine HCL

100mg patented actigin 

Each serving of Creamax HCL contains the full clinical dose of Creatine HCL (1.5g) and does NOT require a loading phase.

Should be use on both training and non-training days.

In addition to Creatine HCL, Creamax contains both D-Ribose and Actigin at effective doses in every serving which may result in improved recovery rates post workout.

Recommended to take as part of intra-workout or post-workout routines,

On non-training days Creamax can be consumed at any time of the day that is convenient.